FP Markets Account Types Reviewed (Updated 2024)

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As we progress through 2024, FP Markets continues to adapt its account offerings to meet the evolving needs of Forex traders. This article provides a detailed review of the different account types offered by FP Markets, highlighting their features and updates for 2024.

FP Markets: A Brief Overview

  • Company Background: Begin with a brief introduction to FP Markets, outlining its history, growth, and current position in the Forex market.

  • Commitment to Diverse Trading Needs: Discuss FP Markets' commitment to catering to a variety of trading styles and preferences through diverse account options.

Standard Account: Features and Suitability

  • Account Overview: Delve into the features of the Standard Account, including spreads, leverage options, and commission structure.

  • Ideal Trader Profile: Discuss who the Standard Account is best suited for, focusing on trading style, experience level, and investment size.

Raw Account: Advanced Trading Options

  • Advanced Features: Explore the advanced features of the Raw Account, such as tighter spreads and direct market access (DMA).

  • Targeted Trader Demographic: Analyze the type of trader who would benefit most from the Raw Account, considering factors like trading frequency and risk tolerance.

Islamic Account: Compliance and Features

  • Shariah Compliance: Discuss the Shariah-compliant features of the Islamic Account, highlighting how it adheres to Islamic finance principles.

  • Unique Account Aspects: Review the specific aspects that differentiate the Islamic Account, including the absence of swap fees.

Professional Account: For the Seasoned Trader

  • Exclusive Features: Examine the exclusive features offered in the Professional Account, such as higher leverage options and personalized customer service.

  • Eligibility Criteria: Outline the criteria for qualifying as a professional trader and the additional benefits this account offers.

Demo Account: Risk-Free Trading Environment

  • Functionality and Purpose: Explain the functionality of the Demo Account and its role in providing a risk-free trading environment for practice and strategy development.

  • Limitations and Realistic Trading Simulation: Discuss the limitations of the Demo Account and how it simulates real trading conditions.

2024 Updates to Account Types

  • New Features and Changes: Highlight any new features or changes introduced to FP Markets' account types in 2024, explaining how they enhance the trading experience.

  • Rationale Behind Updates: Provide insights into the rationale behind these updates, reflecting on market trends and trader feedback.

Account Opening Process

  • Step-by-Step Guide: Offer a step-by-step guide on how to open an account with FP Markets, including required documentation and verification processes.

  • Ease of Account Setup: Evaluate the ease of setting up an account, considering the user interface and customer support during the process.

Comparison with Industry Standards

  • Market Comparison: Compare FP Markets' account types with those of other leading brokers, assessing their competitiveness and value proposition in the market.

Customer Support and Educational Resources

  • Support Quality: Review the quality of customer support provided for each account type, focusing on responsiveness, expertise, and multilingual capabilities.

  • Educational Offerings: Highlight the educational resources available to FP Markets' clients, including webinars, e-books, and training courses.


Conclude by summarizing the distinct features and benefits of each FP Markets account type, offering final thoughts on their suitability for different traders and the overall effectiveness of the 2024 updates.

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